Purpose-Driven AI No More a Black Box.

Rebuild a Smarter Core:

Build Data Science and AI solutions at scale with a focus on the strategic outcomes and not the hype.

Allow AI with a purpose to cut through ambiguity and make smart decisions.

Allow Artificial Intelligence with a Purpose

Tenzai’s solution contributed to a revenue lift of $25 Million. - A leading global footwear firm

Connect Data, Insights & Purpose.

We commit to using AI with a purpose, building enterprise-wide applications and frameworks that are fueled by data, powered by AI.

Rethink, Redefine, Redesign with AI and Data Science.

Applying our expertise across data engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, high performance computing and research, we help our clients optimize costs, streamline operations and disrupt business models.

Re-engineer data and analytics to optimize your decision making strategy and accelerate your digital business aspirations. - A frozen food manufacturer

We Can Help

Tenzai - AI Foundation

AI Foundations

We’ll work with you to better control the relationship between data and software; define the responsibilities you give technologies, how far to use it and what to do next.

Tenzai - Data Science

Data Science

Tenzai brings the transformative power of data science to help businesses meet strategic and operational objectives while optimising costs, revenue, customer experience and profitability.

Tenzai - AI Engineering

AI Engineering

Cause disruption without being disrupted. Don't just deploy AI capabilities into products and processes, future-proof them using AI.

The Tenzai Focus

  • 1 – Single-minded focus on outcomes based on the ultimate need and purpose, not promises.
  • 10 – Ranked among the top 10 big data analytics companies across the globe.
  • 3 – Number of universities that we collaborate with for creating the next in Data Science and AI.
  • 6 – Total number of patents filed by the founders in their career.
  • 30% – Potential reduction in Timelines using our pre-built AI platforms.
  • 100% – Expertise of the team in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Engineering exponential technologies.
The Tenzai Focus : AI Solutions
What’s your AI’s true purpose? Let’s discover together!



Computer vision use cases


Automation of supervision tasks

Computer Vision Platform

With Anxen, companies can automate supervision, facility management, quality inspection tasks using self service computer vision.



Increase in research efficiency


Advisor productivity

AI Platform for Asset & Wealth Management

With Zuno, companies can automate research, construct portfolios, and improve client services.

Thought Leadership

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