Hi, I am Tenzai

The Virtual AI Expert Platform for Enterprises™.

We transform business processes, augment employee productivity and enhance customer experience using proprietary AI methods


tenz.ai connects


Tenzai fetches data seamlessly from internal as well external data sources. It helps businesses gain uninterrupted visibility into their day to day operations.

tenz.ai analyze


Tenzai is designed to work with both structured and unstructured data. It helps business to identify opportunities, outliers and risk by extracting key patterns from diverse data sources.

tenz.ai predicts


Employing deep learning, Tenzai helps enterprises predict future business outcomes with heightened accuracy and enables them to respond to dynamic market conditions.

tenz.ai recommend


Tenzai understands business context and helps decisions makers by providing them recommendations based on insights & predictions to take informed decisions

tenz.ai interacts


Business Users can interact with Tenzai in natural language to search, retrieve and analyze information. It also represents results from complex analysis in an intuitive manner.