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Don’t let the ‘data’ knowns and unknowns dictate your outcomes.

Achieve desired business outcomes in a complex, connected world that requires a high-performing amalgamation of humans with technologies and automation with artificial intelligence. Tenzai walks with you through every step of the way in your digital transformation journey.

Use AI to create personalisation and find novel ways to serve niche market.

Tackle new changes in the value chain landscape with AI-driven solutions.

To confront the steep rise in digital native start-ups and achieve greater levels of transparency, responsiveness and resiliency, enterprises will need practical AI strategies and solutions that allow them to efficiently utilize resources, deliver personalised services at scale and with greater efficacy.

Increasing Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

CAC for tech companies are at an all time high. The only choice is to use data and analytics to understand customer behaviour, renew focus on their needs, develop services to attract new and retain existing customers.

  • Pace of AI growth – Acknowledging traditional technologies no longer work with tech savvy consumers and keeping up with AI and ML growth is tough even for mature tech companies. The ‘new normal’ is certainly pushing companies to relook at their business models in unprecedented ways.
  • Campaign and marketing effectiveness – To optimize marketing spends, companies need to rely on data – monitor customers, build their profiles and journey maps, improve campaign relevance and enable personalized interactions at scale. And, only AI and ML can help you do all that and more!

Increasing Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

CAC for tech companies are at an all time high. The only choice is to use data and analytics to understand customer behaviour, renew focus on their needs, develop services to attract new and retain existing customers.

  • Personalization at scale – Customers are not only looking for unique offerings, but also looking for personalized experiences. To provide unique experiences for every individual, companies will have to rely on AI algorithms that can make sense of volumes of data and find the right, actionable insights.
  • Lack of a strong data strategy – The need for executable data strategies and partnerships to outwit competition is rising. Leveraging AI to factor in advanced parameters that can discover in-depth customer insights and identify new revenue streams will be instrumental in bringing in the change.

Get your AI strategy off the ground.

Tenzai drives you ahead with solutions that cater to your customer needs in an agile way.

  • Cloud Transformation: Work with a dedicated team to modernize your operating models, get access to real-time data, improved security and ease of access.
  • AI Strategy and Roadmaps: Benefit from data science and machine learning services tailored to match your operational goals and stay on top of critical digital trends.
  • Interactive Dashboards: Access real-time interactive charts and graphs to monitor your organization’s Key performance indicators (KPIs) and identify disruptions before they occur.
  • Data Strategy and Architecture: We build data architecture to match your business requirements and integrate ERP and CRM systems to deliver effective cost and customer management.

Engineer with AI and move towards simplicity from complexity

Solve real-world problems with data science.

Tenzai applies data science techniques to optimize business performance and pick insights that keep you ahead in the game.

  • Campaign and Marketing: We put AI and ML tools to use to track and enhance campaign performance, optimize marketing spends and create targeted campaign strategies.
  • Customer Growth and Retention: Our team learns your customer behaviour and patterns and then applies data-led AI solutions for customer acquisition, retention and engagement.
  • Supply Chain Planning: Let us optimize your supply chain management strategies to predict demand, reduce costs, improve performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Sales Analytics: We increase sales effectiveness and conversations by employing data science for sales territory alignment, incentives optimization and lead scoring.
  • Customer Support: We help you to scale customer support operations and enhance customer experience by employing AI for call demand forecasting, next-best actions and sentiment analysis.

AI Foundations | Get your AI strategy off the ground

Engineer with AI and move towards simplicity from complexity.

Tenzai lets you deploy new business models to create improved business value.

Conversational Interfaces: Leverage virtual or voice assistants across multiple use cases like customer support, voice assistance and chatbots to deliver customer engagement at scale.

Personalized Recommendations: We help companies employ AI & NLP to personalize product experiences for users, enhancing customer profitability and experience.

AI Product Engineering: Embed innovative AI and deep learning features into your product to build trust, gain customer loyalty and achieve a competitive advantage.

AI-Based Product Insights: Build the capability to analyze social media, blogs, research publications to identify public emotions, customer sentiment, new trends and competitor moves.

Automated Workflows: We reduce manual errors by automating complex cognitive tasks like analysis and report creation using Machine learning and Natural Language Generation (NLG).

Solve real-world problems with data science

Define a thriving future with AI

Don’t just survive, thrive with purpose-driven AI.

Realize the full potential of purpose-driven AI with Tenzai’s business-critical AI solutions. Allow Tenzai to help you step into an era of intelligent, autonomous networks that guide you towards fulfilling your customers’ expectations.

Future with AI

Tenzai makes solutions less artificial and more intelligent.

Our partnership with Tenzai has helped us accelerate our AI & Analytics Journey. The team brings in-depth AI expertise innovative and collaborative approach and a product mindset. Their strong proficiency in customer and marketing analytics helped us understand our userbase better and marketing efficiency.

Able Joseph | Founder & CEO | Aisle
Able Joseph,
Founder & CEO, Aisle

Tenzai’s Purpose-Driven approach in building an AI-empowered marketing mix solution helped us overcome inconsistencies in data, promotional activities and approach to a great extent.

Senior Manager, Marketing, North American CPG firm
Senior Manager - Marketing,
North American CPG firm

Tenzai conceptualized an AI-powered replenishment solution along the principles of the Purpose-Driven AI framework to put an end to our conventional approach. Today, this solution predicts store level inventory replenishment effectively for our stock keeping units across 1,000 stores.

Director, Analytics, Leading footwear company
Director - Analytics,
Leading Footwear Company

Tenzai’s 3-step approach by using their Machine Learning expertise gave us financial stability with predictable cash flows. We can now identify accounts at risk, estimate delays and assess the impact on cash flow with ease.

Director - Financial Planning, Global Personal Care Product manufacturing firm
Director - Financial Planning
Global Personal Care Product manufacturing firm

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