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Elevate your idea of what's best for your consumer.

Tenzai deploys responsible AI strategies and advanced analytics after performing extensive research, helping consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies achieve revenue growth through relevant ­local assortments, targeted consumer offerings or promotions and predictive demand forecasting.

Drive consumer fulfilment through AI and insights efficiently and at scale.

Resilient supply-chains outperform.

CPG producers are reeling under the pressure from competitors, diminishing customer loyalty and the growth of private labels. Innovation is becoming a critical element in an increasingly marketing-driven environment to target evolving consumer behavior, accommodate the shift towards sustainable products and yield high consumer satisfaction results.

Increasing cost of marketing campaigns

Reshaping the consumer path to purchase and rethinking channel priorities to meet consumers where they are is critical. Combining contextual data with AI algorithms will help businesses target customers with relevant messages, offer promotions and reduce marketing spends.

  • Personalizing products at scale – Being relevant to every customer is everything in the CPG industry. Without gathering real-time feedback and building direct connections with customers, businesses will have to face complicated and costly trade-offs.
  • Large-scale deployment of AI –  Inconsistent business process reengineering is preventing CPG companies from making a substantial return on their AI initiatives. Scaling up AI is challenging but doable by developing purpose-driven AI models and data sets that can be used across the company.

Increasing cost of marketing campaigns

Reshaping the consumer path to purchase and rethinking channel priorities to meet consumers where they are is critical. Combining contextual data with AI algorithms will help businesses target customers with relevant messages, offer promotions and reduce marketing spends

  • Digital-first business models – Companies will need to shift perspective from using e-commerce as merely a sales channel rather than a series of distinctive integrated business models. Including the direct-to-consumer business model is only the beginning to pursuing personalization at scale.

AI foundations to achieve greater efficiencies.

Tenzai implements strategies to improve consumer connectivity, predict future outcomes and improve business performance.

  • AI Strategy & Roadmaps: We identify the right use cases for AI and Data Sciences based on your organisational goals and CPG industry shifts.
  • Cloud Analytics Modernisation: Our team helps your CPG firm migrate from legacy data stores to cloud data analytics architectures.
  • Data Lakes and Data Warehouses: To accelerate AI and analytics adoption, we integrate data from ERP, CRM, SCM, Syndicated Data, Retail POS data, among others.
  • Operational & Strategic Insights: Through data visualisation, business consulting and design thinking we help you democratize data-driven decision making across the enterprise.


Automate business process flows with Purpose-Driven AI

Cutting-edge analytics insights and data-backed strategies.

Tenzai develops data science solutions for real-time insights. With clarity into your inventory, you can optimize every aspect of your business.

  • Precision Revenue Growth Management (RGM): Applying data science, we help you target micro consumer markets with AI-driven strategies and unlock growth by adjusting the levers of price, promotion, assortment and trade initiatives.
  • Targeted Marketing: Implementing machine learning and deep learning algorithms, our team helps you optimize marketing budgets and campaign effectiveness.
  • Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency: We bring data-driven intelligence to your supply chain to improve operational efficiency, forecast demand and manage inventory.
  • Customer Journey Maps: Our specialists work with you to uncover deeper insights to better understand customer behaviour, create digital profiles and customer journey maps.
  • Personalized Experiences: Using AI we build systems that offer personalized recommendations based on individual and micro segment behaviors.

Data Science Solutions - Real-Time Insights

Customer experience transformation through AI engineering.

Tenzai deploys purpose-driven AI solutions to create opportunities for significant ROI.

  • AI for Quality & Compliance: Utilizing computer vision and video analytics we automate manual quality and compliance supervision tasks.
  • Monitor Market and Consumer Trends: Combining the power of AI and a data platform, to manage the depth of diverse consumer data, we monitor emerging product and consumer trends.
  • Automate Workflows: We use cognitive automation to analyze data, improve employee productivity and deliver meaningful improvements at scale and across the enterprise.
  • Conversational AI: Employing conversation automation technologies such as voice assistants and chatbots we enable you to engage with your customers and drive voice commerce at scale.
  • AI Product Engineering: Our world class AI engineers apply the right use cases to develop targeted offerings, reduce GTM and help monetize existing assets.

AI Engineering - Customer experience transformation


Create practical applications for your CPG needs.

Adoption of AI and ML unfurls an endless number of opportunities, presenting ways to understand customers, manage inventory and optimize sales. With Tenzai's ethical, purpose-driven AI strategies CPG teams can step into this new space and unlock revenue streams.

AI for consumer packaged goods

Tenzai makes solutions less artificial and more intelligent.

Our partnership with Tenzai has helped us accelerate our AI & Analytics Journey. The team brings in-depth AI expertise innovative and collaborative approach and a product mindset. Their strong proficiency in customer and marketing analytics helped us understand our userbase better and marketing efficiency.

Able Joseph | Founder & CEO | Aisle
Able Joseph,
Founder & CEO, Aisle

Tenzai’s Purpose-Driven approach in building an AI-empowered marketing mix solution helped us overcome inconsistencies in data, promotional activities and approach to a great extent.

Senior Manager, Marketing, North American CPG firm
Senior Manager - Marketing,
North American CPG firm

Tenzai conceptualized an AI-powered replenishment solution along the principles of the Purpose-Driven AI framework to put an end to our conventional approach. Today, this solution predicts store level inventory replenishment effectively for our stock keeping units across 1,000 stores.

Director, Analytics, Leading footwear company
Director - Analytics,
Leading Footwear Company

Tenzai’s 3-step approach by using their Machine Learning expertise gave us financial stability with predictable cash flows. We can now identify accounts at risk, estimate delays and assess the impact on cash flow with ease.

Director - Financial Planning, Global Personal Care Product manufacturing firm
Director - Financial Planning
Global Personal Care Product manufacturing firm

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