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Infuse diligence and prudence.

Whether it is asset management, banking or insurance, allow Tenzai to enhance efficiency of processes and productivity of your workforce through automation. Let us help you realize your financial firm’s goals and deploy AI solutions that deliver unique financial experiences.

Make way for tailored services, improved process efficiencies and reduced risk.

Drive growth with smarter predictions and a tech-first approach.

Fintechs have been disrupting elements of the financial services value chain with a tech-first approach. Digitalisation and personalisation of financial services through the use of technologies like zero-trust networks and cloud platforms is only adding more pressure on businesses today.

New competitive dynamics

Facing competition from tech-first companies, who bifurcate the market where scale and agility win at the expense of mid-scale players, financial institutions are pressed to rethink strategies and business models to stay ahead.

  • Data challenges – In a multifaceted economic sector, developing the ability to forge data partnerships, integrate data and gain access to the right data at the right time is challenging even for mature companies.
  • New operating models – There is an increasing need for financial institutions to be more specialized, leaner, highly networked and reliant on data analysis to transform their operating models and succeed in the Industry 4.0 era.

New competitive dynamics

Facing competition from tech-first companies, who bifurcate the market where scale and agility win at the expense of mid-scale players, financial institutions are pressed to rethink strategies and business models to stay ahead.

  • Tech complexity – Post the pandemic, understanding and astutely implementing emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain, Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality and Hyper Automation have become crucial for survival and differentiation.
  • Personalization at scale – Companies will need to develop the ability to personalize customer experience and products at scale across multiple channels, work with technology partners who understand the industry and can help build a sustainable roadmap to success.

AI Foundation - Ensure data accessibility and operational efficiency.

Tenzai will enable you to engage customers like never before with AI and fuel sustainable growth, become operationally efficient, access actionable insights and elevate user experience.

  • Data platforms: We develop robust data platforms to drive digital transformation initiatives with our data strategy and engineering expertise.
  • AI strategy and roadmap: We work along with you on your tech journey, defining AI roadmaps and identifying the right use cases to focus on.
  • Analytics modernization: Tenzai’s cloud transformation processes and AI toolkits position financial institutions to become cloud-first and modernize their analytics efforts.
  • Market insights: Fintech firms use Tenzai’s information extraction and alternate data techniques to track companies, regions and sectors to identify new opportunities.
  • Dashboards & Visualization: Decision makers employ Tenzai to gain instant access to analysis and insights and make informed decisions.

Business Impact with AI

Data Science: Create value, deliver convenient and seamless experiences.

With Tenzai, boost your customer satisfaction scores and accelerate enterprise value with data-driven decisions, mitigate risks, decrease losses and drive growth.

  • Enhance customer value: We create better acquisition, retention and engagement strategies by deploying customer analytics models across the entire customer lifecycle.
  • Improve marketing effectiveness: A team with reliable domain expertise will develop AI strategies to craft data-driven marketing strategies, optimize marketing costs and effectiveness.
  • Personalize customer experience: Employing AI and analytics we help organisations personalize customer experience, engagement and product recommendations at scale.
  • Better risk management: Utilising data, we develop risk models, forecast financial market trends and improve your risk management process.
  • Informed investment strategies: Our specialists will evaluate investment opportunities and portfolios to make economically intuitive financial decisions backed by data and analytics.

Enterprise Value with Data-Driven decisions

AI Engineering - Make interactions and resolutions simpler.

We facilitate you to engage with customers and uplifting your overall customer experience by involving virtual assistants, streamlining service interactions and better equipping agents.

  • Cognitive Automation: We bring transformative change, flexibility, cost reduction and improved process efficiency by implementing cognitive or hyper-automation.
  • Conversational AI: Open new channels of communication with customers using conversational AI and answer banking queries, personalize financial advice and more, all from a single channel.
  • AI for Investment Research: Our team of specialists leverage AI to automate research workflows and help investors scale their research operations while reducing costs.
  • Virtual Assistants for FAs: Support financial advisors with virtual assistants that analyse customer, portfolio and business performance data to recommend the next best actions and improve productivity.
  • Automated insights and reports : Empower CXOs, financial planning teams and analysts to take advantage of Natural Language Generation and ML to convert insights into intuitive natural language commentaries and save reporting costs.

Make interactions and resolutions simpler With AI Engineering

AI built for a purpose

Build an end-to-end AI architecture to propel your financial services business forward.

Introduce purpose-built AI solutions to tap into your organizational data and step into the future with actionable insights and predictions. Allow Tenzai to combine our deep financial industry domain expertise with advanced technologies to increase efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

End-to-End AI architecture

Tenzai makes solutions less artificial and more intelligent.

Our partnership with Tenzai has helped us accelerate our AI & Analytics Journey. The team brings in-depth AI expertise innovative and collaborative approach and a product mindset. Their strong proficiency in customer and marketing analytics helped us understand our userbase better and marketing efficiency.

Able Joseph | Founder & CEO | Aisle
Able Joseph,
Founder & CEO, Aisle

Tenzai’s Purpose-Driven approach in building an AI-empowered marketing mix solution helped us overcome inconsistencies in data, promotional activities and approach to a great extent.

Senior Manager, Marketing, North American CPG firm
Senior Manager - Marketing,
North American CPG firm

Tenzai conceptualized an AI-powered replenishment solution along the principles of the Purpose-Driven AI framework to put an end to our conventional approach. Today, this solution predicts store level inventory replenishment effectively for our stock keeping units across 1,000 stores.

Director, Analytics, Leading footwear company
Director - Analytics,
Leading Footwear Company

Tenzai’s 3-step approach by using their Machine Learning expertise gave us financial stability with predictable cash flows. We can now identify accounts at risk, estimate delays and assess the impact on cash flow with ease.

Director - Financial Planning, Global Personal Care Product manufacturing firm
Director - Financial Planning
Global Personal Care Product manufacturing firm

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