We use AI to Help Manufacturing Leaders Achieve:

84% of manufacturers are not able to derive value from data, mainly due to:

No visibility into critical KPIs

Lack of adequate analytics talent

Lack of analytics vision and strategy

Data and technology complexities

We have a solution for you

Areas we can help you with:

Data Visualization & Reporting

We create dashboards using Qlik, Tableau, Alteryx, Powerbi, and Looker to provide end-to-end visibility of processes. We also provide key insights to help the management with decision making

Supply Chain Analytics

We help manufacturers increase supply chain efficiency using analytics to forecast demand, predict risks & optimize inventory levels

Manufacturing Analytics

We help manufacturers reduce downtime, increase OEE and optimize manufacturing costs using our data engineering and machine learning expertise

AI and Analytics Strategy

We have built a custom toolkit to analyse an organization's AI and Analytics maturity level and areas of improvement. Based on our analysis, we strategize a roadmap for the company to make the fullest out of AI and Analytics investments and initiatives

Delivering business impact within 90 Days

We commit to showing impact with our engagement within 12 weeks!
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Tenzai engagement models

Advisory Services 

  • We help firms with consulting or advisory services related to analytics and Industrial AI and help you reduce your Industrial AI costs by 30%
  • Real-time intelligence to power your services and experience

Analytics CoE

  • We help you set up an offshore/on-site Centre of Excellence (COE) that comprises the top 2% of global data science talent and works as your own team
  • Enhancing analytics and AI adoption using cognitive automation and services


  • We can engage on a specific Industrial AI project that you have been wanting to get off the shelf (or is already midway)
  • You can expect a 9X faster project implementation and high-quality standards
  • With our strategic guidance and end-to-end strategic guidance and development of AI engines for enterprises that want to move ahead in their AI journey

Team Augmentation

  • If you are struggling to set up an AI team or implement projects because of talent shortage, we can provide you with the on-site best data science resources too who work in total compliance requirements of your company

Meet our Experts

Senthil Nathan Rajendran – Co-founder & CEO
Senthil Nathan Rajendran
Co-founder & Chief Execution Officer

A thought leader, speaker, innovator and a passionate AI technologist, Senthil has successfully conceptualized and launched award winning AI products. His domain expertise lies in Retail, CPG, Telecommunications, Education, Financial Services and Manufacturing. His core research areas of interest are NLG, NLQA, Augmented Analytics and Conversational AI. He has launched several award-winning AI and ML products in India and the US markets. Having his products featured by several analyst reports like Gartner and Forrester, he has hands-on experience in building large scale AI and Cognitive Computing practices for global markets. Managing AI deployments cutting across multiple countries has added another feather in his cap.

Tejas Gowda - Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist
Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist

A data science leader with deep proficiency in AutoML, NLP and Computer Vision, Tejas is skilled in providing AI solutions to Fortune 1000 companies across verticals. His domain expertise includes Retail, CPG, Telecommunications, Education, Financial Services and Manufacturing. Tejas has consulted many Fortune 500 clients in areas of AI and Data Science. He mentors faculty and research fellows in AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in leading universities. With hands-on experience in architecting complex, large scale AI executions across globe, Tejas was a pioneer in launching AutoML and NLG products in India.