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Zuno: Transforming Enterprises with Gen AI Solutions

Zuno is a self-service generative AI platform which helps enterprises to democratize insights, automate workflows and improve productivity by unlocking the power of Large Language Models (LLMs).

Whether you want to automate complex processes, extract insights or harness the power of virtual assistants, Zuno has you covered.

Zuno: Your own Enterprise GPT

Zuno offers wide range of cognitive capabilities like data analysis, machine learning, information extraction, text analysis, summarization and content generation.

It helps business users to converse in natural language to get real-time insights & automate complex workflows.


  • AI Shopping Assistants
  • Pricing & Promotion Optimization
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis
  • AI driven Recommendations
  • Assortment Planning

Consumer Goods

  • Automated marketing insights
  • Production Innovation & Development
  • Conversational Supply Chain
  • Virtual Assistants for Sales
  • AI Driven Insights for RGM


  • Intelligent Process Automation
  • Virtual Assistants for Production
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Gen AI Bots for Training
  • Contract Intelligence

Financial Services

  • CX Call Summary Analytics
  • CX Workflow Automation
  • Virtual Assistants for Financial Advisors
  • Robo Advisors for Customers
  • Research Workflow Automation

Technology & Media

  • Content Generation & Curation
  • Helpdesk Automation
  • Automated Proposals
  • Enterprise Search & Insights
  • HR & Training Bots

Data Insights + Workflows

Gen AI platform that converts enterprise data into insights, virtual assistants and automation workflows

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Zuno caters to more than 50 Generative AI use cases across the enterprise. The platform can be in your cloud or on-premise, and explore how your organization can leverage Generative AI for real-time insights, enhanced customer experience, and streamlined operations.

  • 01 Customer Experience
  • 02 Marketing & Branding
  • 03 Sales & Distribution
  • 04 IT & Technology
  • 05 Product Management
  • 06 Operations & Supply Chain
  • 07 Recruitment & HR
  • 08 Finance & Risk

01 Customer Experience

SmartCustomer Experience

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Chatbots
  • CX Workflow Automation
  • CX Agent Co-pilot
  • Engagement Personalization

02 Marketing & Branding

SmartMarketing & Branding

  • Market Research Automation
  • AI Generated Content
  • Virtual Assistants for Marketers
  • Automated Marketed Insights
  • Ecom Product Descriptions

03 Sales & Distribution

SmartSales & Distribution

  • AI generated sales & call scripts
  • Virtual Assistants for Sales
  • AI led sales training
  • Automated Sales Reports
  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis

04 IT & Technology

SmartIT & Technology

  • Technical Documentation
  • Knowledge & Upskilling bots
  • Coding Automation
  • Automation Test cases
  • Helpdesk Automation

05 Product Management

SmartProduct Management

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Product Concept Testing
  • AI generated documentation
  • Trend Spotting
  • Consumer Research

06 Operations & Supply Chain

SmartOperations & Supply Chain

  • Contract Intelligence
  • Workflow Automation
  • Supplier Risk Analysis
  • Conversation Supply Chain
  •  AI led Demand Sensing

07 Recruitment & HR

SmartRecruitment & HR

  • Recruitment Co-pilot
  • Employee Bots
  • AI Generated Training Content
  • Employee Sentiment Analysis
  • Training Bots

08 Finance & Risk

SmartFinance & Risk

  • Automated Reports
  • Financial Documents Analysis
  • Automated Workflows
  • ESG Insights & Reports
  • AI led Risk Analysis

Platform features

Zuno offers a robust suite of features, enabling organizations to deploy generative AI applications swiftly and securely.


Pre-built Connectors

Connect to 30+ data sources, including SQL, NoSQL, enterprise applications, and websites, for versatile data integration.

Pre-built Apps & Workflows

Access 20+ ready to use generative AI applications, serving diverse enterprise roles and functions.

Prompt Templates

Choose from a variety of pre-configured prompt templates to expedite AI adoption.

No code Gen AI App Builder

Empower Non-technical users to build virtual assistants, co-pilots and automation workflows.


Multi Large Language Model (LLM) support

Choose from a diverse set of industry leading LLMs like GPT 3.5, GPT4, Cohere, Palm 2, Falcon, Llama 2, Mistral etc.

User Management & Analytics

Effectively track system performance, user activity and costs across the enterprise using in-depth analytics.

LLM Observability & Control

Monitor Gen AI application and model performance across various parameters like accuracy, latency and reasoning.

Data Privacy

Ensure data privacy and residency with secure cloud or on-premise data hosting options.

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