Purpose – Driven AI

It’s not AI vs Human but AI for Human.

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Combine cognition with the speed and scale of AI.

Let your Data and AI initiatives work hard to achieve the ultimate purpose. Tenzai adopts the Purpose-Driven AI framework, which is a result of over 160 person years of total experience across thousands of projects, combined with two years of dedicated research and development.

What is Purpose-Driven AI?

AI that is real, here and productive.

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Function first, technology second is our thought process. We understand your current challenges, and then offer feasible, progressive solutions, which can make you better at what you already do so well.
Purpose-Driven AI is our philosophy of realising the ultimate outcome of Data and AI solutions. We have seen that a majority of the AI initiatives are struck at the proof of concept level or one-off. We want to go beyond this and unlock the ultimate potential of Data Science and AI. To that extent, we have kept all of our solutions, frameworks, engineering and accelerators ‘real’ that don’t add to the heightened expectations but solve real world problems at scale.

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Engineering for Purpose.
Powered by Data.

Conventional approaches to engineering are part of the problem and not the solution, for many initiatives being left on the wastelands. Our Purpose-Driven engineering ensures that your Data and AI solutions are in line with the ultimate outcomes that demonstrate measurable impact.

Products and Intellectual Property

Results of our innovation and product engineering DNA. This is where we have gleaned the best practices that work. This makes implementation and deployment swift.

Innovation and Intellectual Property

Multi-Disciplinary View

We understand that it takes different talents to come up with an effective AI solution. Our team combines deep domain knowledge with a people focus, enabling us to understand issues and grasp opportunities quickly and effectively.

Multidisciplinary approach to AI

Empowerment Engineering

Drive end-user adoption by empowering people to make precise decisions, eliminating routine and repetitive tasks and letting them use their creative potential for more fulfilling purposes.

Empowering engineering with AI

Processes and Toolkits

Our processes and toolkits are powered by focused research and honed by experience. Our clients get tested frameworks proven to maximize AI potential by reducing implementation cost and delivery timelines.

Responsible AI Processes & Toolkits


We stay ahead of the rapidly-changing AI ecosystem by partnering with the people who drive the change – research institutions and technology innovators. We collaborate on new products & ideas that make AI accessible and meaningful for businesses and end-users.

Digital Reinvention Powered by Research

We can help

Tenzai - AI Foundation

AI Foundation

Modernize your analytics infrastructure and democratize data driven decision making with Tenzai's Purpose-Driven data engineering, data visualisation and AI quickstart services.

Tenzai - Data Science

Data Science

By leveraging Tenzai's domain expertise and data science hacks, you can predict consumer behavior, optimize costs and identify revenue opportunities.

Tenzai - AI Engineering

AI Engineering

Deploy computer vision models, virtual assistants to converse, expert systems to perform complex tasks and enhance workforce productivity, customer experience and business performance.

Tenzai makes solutions less artificial and more intelligent.

Our partnership with Tenzai has helped us accelerate our AI & Analytics Journey. The team brings in-depth AI expertise innovative and collaborative approach and a product mindset. Their strong proficiency in customer and marketing analytics helped us understand our userbase better and marketing efficiency.

Able Joseph | Founder & CEO | Aisle
Able Joseph,
Founder & CEO, Aisle

Tenzai’s Purpose-Driven approach in building an AI-empowered marketing mix solution helped us overcome inconsistencies in data, promotional activities and approach to a great extent.

Senior Manager, Marketing, North American CPG firm
Senior Manager - Marketing,
North American CPG firm

Tenzai conceptualized an AI-powered replenishment solution along the principles of the Purpose-Driven AI framework to put an end to our conventional approach. Today, this solution predicts store level inventory replenishment effectively for our stock keeping units across 1,000 stores.

Director, Analytics, Leading footwear company
Director - Analytics,
Leading Footwear Company

Tenzai’s 3-step approach by using their Machine Learning expertise gave us financial stability with predictable cash flows. We can now identify accounts at risk, estimate delays and assess the impact on cash flow with ease.

Director - Financial Planning, Global Personal Care Product manufacturing firm
Director - Financial Planning
Global Personal Care Product manufacturing firm

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