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Lay The Cornerstone For Future Of Retail With AI And Data Science.

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Purpose-Driven AI for Digital Retail Transformation.

At Tenzai, we create an ideal environment for retailers to incubate new ideas and accelerate digital transformation. We help clients develop purpose-driven AI solutions, fueled by cross-functional data, to personalize customer experiences, optimize supply chains and enhance productivity.

Put AI and analytics in order to meet the ‘always on’ consumer.

Reactivate your retail tech strategy.

Employ computer vision, deep learning and artificial intelligence to sell more. Your consumers are informed, they expect a unified experience across channels. We can help you design the right omnichannel customer journey, enhance marketing ROI, optimize inventory and drive bigger baskets all powered by AI and Data Science.

Bridging the omnichannel gap

Building autonomous retail stores and deploying new business models are not merely technology choices, they are the keys to survive. Not having clear visibility into customer experience across all channels will cost businesses

  • Evolving customer behavior – Consumers switch brands for more affordable, valuable and convenient options within minutes. Using AI to learn about consumers will help businesses and marketers to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Barriers to AI adoption – Uncertainty of ROI, constraints in defining an AI strategy,  inability to integrate data silos and talent shortage is holding retailers back from truly revolutionizing their business and succeeding in their AI journey.

AI to unlock personalization and service potential.

Tenzai enables retailers become AI-first and cloud-first, tapping into insights and reimagining their operations.

  • AI Strategy & Roadmap: For retailers to succeed in their omni channel initiatives, we conduct AI workshops, understand the purpose and then define a fitting strategy and use cases.
  • Cloud Analytics Modernization: We help retailers to accelerate the adoption of cloud architecture and AI technologies based on our proven toolkits.
  • Data Lakes and Data Warehouses: Our team can create data platforms by integrating data from both internal and external data sources and accelerate your AI and analytics journey.
  • Real-Time Intelligence: Deploying real-time analytics, we’ll enable all stakeholders across the retail supply chain to get real time visibility to make informed decisions.

AI Foundations - AI to unlock personalization and service potential

Employ data science to unlock new revenue streams.

We leverage our retail domain expertise and data science skills to analyze data, predict customer behavior, forecast trends and optimize costs.

  • Customer Insights: We help you understand customer behavior and personalize experiences using micro segmentation, profiling, customer journey maps. Also, we help you enhance customer value and loyalty.
  • Resilient Supply Chain: Our solutions will enable you to forecast demand, optimize inventory, plan workforce schedules and prevent out of stock scenarios.
  • Optimize Assortments: We help you create an optimal mix of products or plan store assortments based on sales forecast, demographics, purchase patterns, weather and seasonal trends.
  • Enhance Store Efficiency: Our retail-specific AI offerings enhance your store efficiency and optimize labour cost through effective workforce planning and scheduling.


Employ data science to unlock new revenue streams

Create personalized digital experiences with AI engineering.

We engineer AI into your retail process to personalize interactions, deliver on customer expectations and build trust.

  • Conversational AI: We develop virtual and voice assistants to automate your digital engagement, tailor customer experience and increase self-service for your customers.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Let our team build you bespoke recommendation engines based on deep learning techniques to deliver highly personalized product recommendations at scale.
  • Smart Stores: By employing computer vision and intelligent video analytics, we help store managers to monitor key events pertaining to store traffic, facility management, staffing and compliance.
  • In-Store Customer Intelligence: We build AI systems that help retailers analyze customer behaviour and offer insights with respect to assortments and promotions based on computer vision.
  • Monitor Market and Consumer Trends: We enable you to offer expedient, consistent services across all touchpoints, monitoring market trends, customer sentiment and competitor moves using alternate data, Information Extraction and Natural Language Processing (NLP).


AI Engineering - Create personalized digital experiences

AI in Retail & E-Commerce

Go into turbo drive with purpose-driven AI solutions.

Online retail giants offering personalised shopping experiences at scale are compelling small businesses to adapt AI and emerging tech to survive. Our purpose-driven AI and data science services help retailers improve decision-making, understand customers behavior to create segment based, personalized targeting frameworks, reduce costs and generate new leads.

AI in Retail & E-Commerce

Tenzai makes solutions less artificial and more intelligent.

Our partnership with Tenzai has helped us accelerate our AI & Analytics Journey. The team brings in-depth AI expertise innovative and collaborative approach and a product mindset. Their strong proficiency in customer and marketing analytics helped us understand our userbase better and marketing efficiency.

Able Joseph | Founder & CEO | Aisle
Able Joseph,
Founder & CEO, Aisle

Tenzai’s Purpose-Driven approach in building an AI-empowered marketing mix solution helped us overcome inconsistencies in data, promotional activities and approach to a great extent.

Senior Manager, Marketing, North American CPG firm
Senior Manager - Marketing,
North American CPG firm

Tenzai conceptualized an AI-powered replenishment solution along the principles of the Purpose-Driven AI framework to put an end to our conventional approach. Today, this solution predicts store level inventory replenishment effectively for our stock keeping units across 1,000 stores.

Director, Analytics, Leading footwear company
Director - Analytics,
Leading Footwear Company

Tenzai’s 3-step approach by using their Machine Learning expertise gave us financial stability with predictable cash flows. We can now identify accounts at risk, estimate delays and assess the impact on cash flow with ease.

Director - Financial Planning, Global Personal Care Product manufacturing firm
Director - Financial Planning
Global Personal Care Product manufacturing firm

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