Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Let Your Company’s Data Give You The Answers You’ve Been Looking For.

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Turning intelligence into action across industries.

At Tenzai, we make AI, machine learning and data science accessible to businesses across the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), retail, financial services, healthcare and technology industries. Our team will help you maximize AI’s potential and set off business-wide support.

Building a robust business case for AI starts with asking the right questions.

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Allow Tenzai to question, analyze and deliver an AI roadmap to put into action.

Our specialists will invest time to understand your business needs and determine Purpose-Driven AI strategies and workflows to effectively integrate AI into existing systems, improve competitiveness and throughput, drive down costs and grow revenues.

Optimize production and uncover insights to meet and even exceed KPIs.

Become a successful AI-powered organization by redefining experiences, gaining insights and optimizing processes with cutting-edge AI solutions. Allow our specialists backed by experience and research to help you overcome industry-specific challenges and realize the potential of new technologies.
Tenzai - AI Foundation

Create high-performance infrastructure and optimize data.

From automating your customer experience and connecting your CRM systems to deriving actionable insights from your data and improving customer service, Tenzai helps you build a seamless system.

Tenzai - Data Science

Visualize and transform data into useful business knowledge.

Leverage machine learning and deep learning to generate insights, reports, and visualize data with interactive dashboards to find new efficiencies in workflows and make better decisions.

Tenzai - AI Engineering

Transform core engineering with next-generation technologies.

Deploy AI-optimized infrastructures and employ deep learning solutions to create new capabilities, reduce complexities and improve quality of service and customer experience.

Build a collaborative ecosystem with AI and resolve industry-specific challenges.


Tenzai deploys responsible AI strategies and advanced analytics after performing extensive research to achieve significant revenue growth.

Financial Services

Whether you are into banking, insurance, or wealth management, we will help you get started with devising an AI roadmap and creating a business model ROI.


Become an AI-powered organization. Power your services and experiences with real-time data and create optimized shopping and trading experiences.


Transform your healthcare practice by implementing Purpose-Driven AI solutions that fully integrate with your existing systems and business processes.


Solve technology problems with data-driven insights and Tenzai’s specialized expertise. Let us conduct exploratory use case sessions and bring Purpose-Driven AI to life.