Utilize existing cameras to monitor and manage enterprise-wide operations.

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Deploy Anxen to convert your cameras into smart sensors.

Anxen's cutting-edge deep learning techniques power your cameras to recognize places, objects, people, behaviors and offer deeper insights into your business performance. Using Anxen you can improve operational inefficiencies, ensure employee safety, enhance customer experience and reduce costs.

Anxen across use cases

Built with deep learning and purpose-driven AI, Anxen can analyze images and videos, understand context and present insights.

Health Compliance

  • Facemask Detection
  • PPE Detection
  • Gloves / Uniform Detection
  • Social Distancing
  • Elevated Body Temperature

Facility & Administration

  • Occupancy Analytics
  • People Count
  • Hygiene Monitoring
  • Contactless Employee Entry
  • Parking Occupancy

Security & Surveillance

  • Automated License Plate Detection
  • Crowd Monitoring
  • Anomalous activity detection
  • Distress Event Detection
  • Intrusion Detection

Customer Insights

  • Queue Length Management
  • Overcrowding Alerts
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Retail Shelf Monitoring
  • Campaign Effectiveness

Quality Assessment

  • Automated Inspection
  • Defect Classification
  • Asset Tracking
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Root Cause Analysis

Cloud to the edge

An AI-ready platform that converts live image and video streams into business critical insights.

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Deploy Anxen across devices and environments, and discover how your business can use visual intelligence to guide real-time process feedback and transform operations.

  • 01 Offices
  • 02 Retail
  • 03 Airports
  • 04 Cities
  • 05 Schools
  • 06 Homes
  • 07 Factories
  • 08 Agriculture

01 Offices


  • Contactless Employee Entry
  • Occupancy Analytics
  • Desk Productivity Monitoring
  • Trash Detection
  • Employee Safety Detection

02 Retail


  • Queue Detection
  • Shelf Monitoring
  • Spill Detection
  • Footfall Detection
  • Customer Insights

03 Airports


  • Parking Analytics
  • Queue Length Analysis Threat Detection
  • Crowd flow Analysis
  • Compliance Analytics

04 Cities


  • Snow Detection
  • Traffic flow estimation
  • Parking Intelligence
  • Traffic Violation Detection
  • Trash Detection

05 Schools


  • Classroom Occupancy
  • Cafeteria Queue Analysis
  • Student Safety
  • Campus Hygiene
  • Asset Health Tracking

06 Homes


  • Contactless Entry
  • Gate Security
  • Neighborhood Hygiene
  • Distress Event Detection
  • Intrusion Detection

07 Factories


  • Helmet & Safety Kit Detection
  • Posture Detection
  • Contactless Attendance
  • Asset Health Monitoring
  • Safety Compliance Analytics

08 Agriculture


  • Crop health monitoring
  • Disease Identification
  • Produce Grading & Sorting
  • Pesticide Management
  • Crop readiness detection

Platform features

Connecting with your existing camera infrastructure, Anxen analyses the reams of data recorded and relays accurate, real-time information about critical events and objects.

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Multi-device integration

Anxen is easy to deploy. It readily connects to a wide range of devices including biometric systems, CCTV cameras, thermal cameras and modern IP cameras that support ONVIF.

Proprietary AI models

Powered by proprietary AI models, Anxen has been trained with huge amounts of custom datasets, processing visual data countless times, to deliver results with heightened accuracy.

Flexible and rapid deployment

Easy hardware integration and flexible options of both cloud and on-premise deployments ensure rapid deployment.

Real-time insights

Anxen provides extensive analysis capabilities in the form of real-time reports, dashboards and mobile alerts to help make quick and informed decisions.

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Extensible to multiple use cases

Anxen's modular design makes it extensible to multiple use cases. It can be used wide range of applications across diverse industries and use cases.

Responsible AI-driven platform

Anxen follows responsible AI practices across all phases of development from design to deployment. Also, all our computer vision applications ensure end user privacy.

Set up a security command center

Rely on a smart, centralised security control system that includes visual tracking and facial recognition to monitor incidents and personnel in real-time, across multiple sites.

Self-service machine learning

Leverage Anxen's extensive machine learning capabilities to reduce costs and solve multiple business use cases without the need for specific training in data science.

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