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Redefining the playing field with a new dimension: Purpose.

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Why should any AI initiative fail to meet the objectives?

With deep learning, machine learning, automated narratives, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and virtual assistants we’ll facilitate purposeful growth; embed AI into solutions – all while enhancing operational efficiency and user experience.

AI expectations have changed. Meet them in time.

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Solutions trusted by fortune 500 companies.

Tapping into the transformative power of AI, we activate purpose, build AI foundations, data science applications and help companies capitalize on AI expertise and end-to-end solutions to drive measurable ROI.

We’re more than just creators of AI solutions — we’re change makers.

Applying prospective & retrospective approaches, we’ll give your business purpose a structure and then gear your AI solutions towards it; supporting you throughout the entirety of your AI journey, offering strategic guidance, agile support and a fulfilling experience.
  • Uncover opportunities. Work with experts who’ve conceptualised and launched disruptive AI solutions.
  • Breakthrough inventions. A team with multiple patents in machine learning, machine reasoning, NLP and NLG.
  • Industry leaders. Founders of Tenzai consult Fortune 500 companies and intelligence agencies.
  • Focused research interests. Enhancing analytics and AI adoption using cognitive automation and services.
  • Industry recognition. Top 20 Startups in Asia by F10 Singapore Accelerator Top 50 Startups in India by Conquest Accelerator Program Top 10 Big Data Analytics Companies globally by Analytics Insight.
  • Purpose-driven strategy. Maintaining sustained focus to constantly diffuse purpose throughout the solution.
Tenzai - AI Foundation

A sound foundation for context-aware, responsible AI.

Our data engineering and data visualisation techniques act as foundational elements for modern businesses. We offer a quick start to AI with a focus on agility, detail and innovation and deliver in areas crucial to your success.

Tenzai - Data Science

Advanced data perception for improved understanding.

Answers to questions you never asked exist within your data. Tenzai’s analytics approaches find exciting new ways to generate insights, reports and interactive dashboards, helping you keep your finger on your users' pulse.

Tenzai - AI Engineering

Unearthing discoveries with exhaustive experimentation.

Engineer innovative deep learning solutions — from pipelines to products. Build capabilities to extract meaning from images, speech and videos to understand complexities of language and get you closer to customer intent.

Push the envelope of AI and view your organization in a new way.

To get started with AI you will need an actionable plan for technology execution. To be an AI-powered organization you will need real-time intelligence to power your services and experiences.

Our services are aimed to provide strategic guidance and end-to-end development of AI engines for ambitious enterprises who want to move ahead in their AI journey.

Directed by the technical expertise of the founding team, we will cut through the noise and devise implementable high ROI AI solutions.

We’re ready to get involved, conduct exploratory use case sessions and bring Purpose-Driven AI to life using machine and deep learning, high-performance computing and advanced analytics.