Helping Manufacturing Leaders Achieve:

Are you one among the 87% of manufacturing companies that struggle with:

High failure rates of AI applications

Inability to identify the right use cases and evaluation metrics

Challenges on technical, and the data front

Lack of right talent for AI Strategy & implementation

We have a solution for you

Presenting AtomAI

AtomAI is a comprehensive Industrial AI consulting toolkit to help manufacturers realize the trust potential of AI. Be ready with an AI informed team, enterprise-wide strategy, implementation blueprint along with a working prototype within 6 weeks.

AtomAI deliverables include:


AI Executive Workshop

Help executives, and managers understand the true potential of AI for the organization through best practices & case studies from similar organizations.

Industrial AI Use Cases

Identify the list of relevant Industrial AI use cases based on the business objective, process & equipment landscape.

Industrial AI Business Cases

Prioritize the list of use cases based on the business impact using ROI simulations.

Industrial AI BluePrints

Detailed blueprint & best practices to help organizations implement high impact industrial AI use cases

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Technology Architecture

Finalize the ideal technology architecture for AI implementation based on the existing tech landscape and maturity.

Industrial AI Prototypes

Experience the true potential of Industrial AI through a working prototype for a high impact use case


High level wireframes & designs for key AI use cases identified during the workshop.

Best Practices

Best practices and implementation guidelines for Industrial AI and manufacturing analytics.

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Experience Data to Dollars in 60 Days

Get ready to push your AI revolution forward within 8 weeks!
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    Realization of AI Projects

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    Cost Savings

    On inventory holding, labour productivity, quality improvement with a focus on the right AI use cases

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    Implementation of AI applications

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How it Works

Planning phase

5 Days

  • Definition of the goal of participation
  • Definition of target groups
  • Request for key data points – process & tech landscape
  • Agree on guidelines, logistics and tools for the engagement

Workshop phase

1 Day

  • Strategic Industrial AI session for top executives
  • Highlight Key Use cases for Industrial AI
  • Suggest best practices  for Industrial AI implementation
  • Understand business priorities and levers for Industrial AI

Analysis phase

3 Weeks

  • Analyze existing process and equipment landscape
  • Analyze current data and technology landscape
  • Identify Industrial AI use cases for implementation
  • Develop business cases & evaluate ROI

Roadmap phase

4 Weeks

  • Develop Industrial AI Blueprint for implementation
  • Develop high level technology architecture
  • Develop wireframes & prototypes
  • Implement a working prototype for Industrial AI use case

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Why Tenzai for Industrial AI

  • Years of combined experience
    Over 160 Years of combined experience consulting manufacturing clients in AI and Data Science
  • Fortune clients
    Delivering excellence with large scale and transformative Analytics solution
  • Top Rank
    Sustaining recognition as global big data analytics solution provider
  • Top of Talent
    Possessing top 2% of talent, from strategy to implementation
  • Collaborations
    Collaborating with 3 leading research institutions for innovative solutions
  • Faster
    Accelerating 25% reduction in AI and analytics deployment timelines

Meet our Experts

Senthil Nathan Rajendran – Co-founder & CEO
Senthil Nathan Rajendran
Co-founder & Chief Execution Officer

A thought leader, speaker, innovator and a passionate AI technologist, Senthil has successfully conceptualized and launched award winning AI products. His domain expertise lies in Retail, CPG, Telecommunications, Education, Financial Services and Manufacturing. His core research areas of interest are NLG, NLQA, Augmented Analytics and Conversational AI. He has launched several award-winning AI and ML products in India and the US markets. Having his products featured by several analyst reports like Gartner and Forrester, he has hands-on experience in building large scale AI and Cognitive Computing practices for global markets. Managing AI deployments cutting across multiple countries has added another feather in his cap.

Tejas Gowda - Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist
Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist

A data science leader with deep proficiency in AutoML, NLP and Computer Vision, Tejas is skilled in providing AI solutions to Fortune 1000 companies across verticals. His domain expertise includes Retail, CPG, Telecommunications, Education, Financial Services and Manufacturing. Tejas has consulted many Fortune 500 clients in areas of AI and Data Science. He mentors faculty and research fellows in AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in leading universities. With hands-on experience in architecting complex, large scale AI executions across globe, Tejas was a pioneer in launching AutoML and NLG products in India.