AI For Research Automation And Customer Engagement

A Comprehensive AI Platform For Asset & Wealth Management (AWM).

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Automate Investment Research at scale using Zuno.

Zuno is ideal for portfolio managers, research analysts and wealth management firms as it automates the research process, tracks existing portfolios, provides actionable insights and screens for new investment opportunities. Whether you want to target millennials or harness the power of virtual assistants to understand market sentiment, Zuno has you covered.


Your own virtual research analyst.

Unlock asset management innovation through data science and AI and advance performance in compliance, management and customer service.

Research Excellence

Customer Excellence

  • Automated Customer Intelligence
  • Virtual Assistants for Customer & Investor
  • Education
  • Automated Natural Language
  • Reports for Clients

Utilize AI to enhance advisor productivity and customer experience by maintaining customer relationships, communicating financial performance and providing personalized recommendations.

Portfolio Management

Access real-time data and streamline the management of investment portfolios, financial assets, and wealth – all from one place.
  • Market Sentiment Analysis
  • Automated Insights from data
  • Automation of workflows
  • Automated Reports & Insights

Advisor Productivity

Allow automation to deliver better service to your clients, improve financial advisor productivity and drive business growth.
  • Automated Customer Intelligence
  • Virtual Assistants for Advisors
  • Next Best Action & Recommendations
  • Automated Portfolio Insights

Customer Excellence

Help your portfolio and relationship managers to differentiate themselves using the latest in wealth management and AI.

  • Automated Wealth Reports
  • Deep dive Portfolio Insights
  • Virtual Assistants for Customers
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis


Zuno makes it easy to analyze data and access insights to enhance quality of investment research. Through hyper automation, Zuno will reduce operational costs, scale operations and analyst productivity.

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Natural Language Processing

Platform Zuno with proprietary NLP models will decipher unstructured data and help you discover trends and sentiment in the market.

Machine Learning

Zuno's extensive, self-service ML capabilities will make use of your troves of historical data, solve multiple business use cases and enable intelligent forecasting.

Web Crawlers

Zuno can crawl multiple data sources and tap into the potential of web data to gain a deep understanding of the market, directly impacting your bottom line.

Expert Bot Builder

An easy-to-use drag and drop interface helps you create custom AI experts or virtual assistants to interact with customers and deliver key services.

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Data Storage

A scalable data storage module allows you to stream diverse data formats and engage in services which require acquiring, storing and analysing unknown volumes of data.

Knowledge Graph

Zuno's domain specific knowledge graphs link data in a dynamic way to reveal implicit and explicit relationships which may not have been realized or previously identified.

Expert Library

Pre-built AI experts will solve cognitive tasks, automating routine efforts, mitigating risk, unlocking insights, improving decision-making and preventing fraud.

Conversational Engine

Business users can consume data insights and model outcomes from ML and NLP using natural language without any learning curve.

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