A major F&B manufacturer saves $2.5M in terms of Analyst Productivity using Business Performance Dashboards


The client is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of fresh and refrigerated foods in the US, with a select presence in other geographies.


  • Monitoring sales and product performance across diverse portfolios ranging over 750+ products was difficult.
  • The existing reporting system was not user friendly. It did not have in-depth analysis capabilities, , therefore, leading to poor adoption across the enterprise.
  • The dependency of business users on data analysts for insights increased the decision timelines and reduced organizational productivity.


Tenzai team conducted a purpose-driven workshop to assess the current gaps and understand requirements from business users and data analysts.

The data engineering team from Tenzai built a cloud-based analytics data mart to cater to data visualization and ad hoc analytics requirements.

Analytics consultants worked with business users and the client’s analyst team to define the right KPIs and metrics across functions.

The team first developed the dashboard design using UI / UX experts. Analytics consultants then adopted the data storytelling concept to design the analysis layout.

Based on the user persona, Tenzai designed strategic, operational and analytics dashboards for senior management, line managers and data analysts.

The dashboard was first implemented for the marketing team then rolled out to other functions like sales, finance, operations and IT.

The data refresh for the dashboard was completely automated ensuring timely insights and data definitions were standardized across the organization.


The client can now monitor and analyze performance across all functions, regions and product categories.

Business users can do in-depth analysis to understand factors that are influencing product and functional performance themselves.

With the reduction of ad-hoc requirements, analysts can focus on more strategic initiatives saving many man hours.

Other benefits include:

  • Saved $2.5 million in terms of analyst productivity
  • Ensured 100% adoption rate for the dashboard solution
  • Helped the client save more than 1000-man days/year