We are Tenzai

We build Purpose-Driven AI

We help companies employ purpose-driven AI frameworks to solve complex business problems. Drive impact at scale using safe AI practices and empower users.


Smarter reinvention of businesses workflows and technology, transforming them into a Cognitive Enterprise. We build their ‘digital muscle’ fit to purpose, harnessing the power of real-time information and advanced AI technologies

tenz.ai connects


As a part of our AI foundation initiative, Tenzai helps you start your Analytics journey by enabling best practices in data engineering, data management and analytics modernization

tenz.ai analyze


Tenzai adopts best practices in design thinking and business consulting to develop strategic dashboards for top management and help them get real-time visibility across enterprise performance

tenz.ai predicts


By employing machine learning and deep learning techniques, Tenzai helps enterprises predict future business outcomes with heightened accuracy and enables them to respond to dynamic market conditions.

tenz.ai interacts


Tenzai with its best-in-class Artificial intelligence and automation capabilities will help you to scale operations and enhance employee productivity across the enterprise.


Tenzai takes a unique approach to AI by making real-world solutions for unique business challenges. Our multi-layered approach along with ready-to-use insights that accelerate time to value-driven solutions that are aligned to business values.

AI Thought Leaders

A carefully handpicked team with proven Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Domain expertise
100% Success Rate

An unmatched track record of successful deployments across a variety of industries

Applied AI Research

Collaborations with leading research institutions to stay abreast of the latest developments in AI and Exponential Technologies
Prebuilt AI Platforms

Ready-to-use CV and NLP platforms that help make AI implementations 20% to 30% faster

Flexible Engagement Models

Diverse engagement models aligned to our clients’ unique AI and Data Science requirements
Focus on Purpose/Impact

Results are our focus right from the start of every engagement. Our solutions are purpose-built to deliver sustained business impact