Purpose-Driven AI for Enterprises

With a combined experience of over 15 decades, Tenzai’s not-so-regular team of math scientists, data thinkers, and architects, deployed for their cognitive capabilities, delivers purposeful AI solutions for major clients across continents.



About Us

Tenzai was founded with the vision of making artificial intelligence accessible, scalable and impactful for enterprises and employees alike by proposing an alternate approach. Artificial intelligence has the potential to incrementally add around $13 trillion by 2030 to current global economic output. In reality not many organizations have been able to successfully implement AI to achieve their business objectives.

The failure to easily harness the full transformational potential of AI in a dynamic world urged the Tenzai team to conceptualize a better approach. Based on their experience, the team came across certain key insights


Most of the AI implementations do not meet their objectives because the focus is largely on the data and technology.But AI Systems should be designed to meet the goals of enterprise most importantly that of the users.


Lack of adequate skillsets is major factor affecting the pace and quality of AI adoption in enterprises. AI Systems should be intuitive and accessible to all across the enterprise especially business users.                                                 


AI Systems should be personalized based on the roles, goals and skillsets of each employee to realize the full potential of AI. Every employee should have their own virtual AI Expert to help them navigate through the AI maze.


Our mission

Our mission is to help 230 million knowledge workers across the globe accomplish their tasks using AI to provide

  • Accurate and timely insights
  • Prescriptive actions and recommendations
  • Enhanced work experience and quality of work
  • Increased Productivity